Sotramont: Certified Quality

Sotramont is recognized leader when it comes to building quality. That is why it invests in ongoing research and development, and above all, why it pays particular attention to its subcontractors.  Sotramont’s homes have received and continue to receive numerous certifications attesting to its efforts with regard to various building aspects. The following testifies to the Sotramont quality.

Did you know that Homes Greenwich benefit from a team of building envelope consultants : engineers, architects, technologists and building science experts for site quality testing and supervision ?

The firm Patenaude Trempe Van Dalen Inc. was hired for the GREENWICH HOMES project as a building envelope consultant (windows, exterior siding, roofs and rooftop terraces). The external firm’s role was to advise the project professionals on how to integrate quality and sustainability principles into critical aspects of the building envelope. Patenaude Trempe Van Dalen Inc. provided specialized consulting services during the design and construction phases with the aim of avoiding or minimizing building envelope performance issues. Their mandate included supervising the quality of the envelope and roof during construction, and laboratory and in-situ testing of the windows.