Why should YOU buy new?

3 advantages of buying new

1 - Optimized space

Buying new assures living in a completely functional space that is well designed to avoid any unnecessary square footage. Right from the start, architects are working hard to develop concepts that optimize your home, because space is so precious. Another feature of buying new is the special treatment given to balconies and terraces. These outdoor spaces, often furnished, turn into real living rooms.

2 - Customization

Buying new, is above all, a way of life because you can customize your interior to reflect who you are. Customizing the look of your home is a primary focus at Sotramont. The finishing choices, including flooring, countertops, and cabinets, give you freedom to create a space that you desire. Our design experts are available to advise you. We've paid special attention to every detail.

3 - Energy savings

New buildings implement the newest principles of construction, equipment and materials complying with the latest standards. Already, the Sotramont projects are designed to achieve high energy efficiency, thanks to a combination of factors: increased insulation, air-tightness and use of renewable energy; all factors that contribute to LEED certification. Guaranteed value for resale!


Take a peek at the townhouse interiors

Thanks to the immersive tours, you can visit the three types of townhouses available at Quartier Greenwich without leaving your home.