Quebec's first dual-energy project

A first for Quebec: Sotramont to offer electricity/natural gas dual-energy systems in its townhouses

Sotramont plans to equip its townhouses with dual-energy heating systems that can run on two energy sources: electricity and natural gas. The dual-energy homes will be heated by electricity supplied by Hydro-Québec, and with natural gas supplied by Gaz Métropolitain. The latter has signed a historic agreement with Sotramont to supply the company’s upcoming residential projects with natural gas, a cleaner fuel that is the preferred option for dual-energy systems. This innovative, eco-friendly initiative is a partnership between Sotramont and Gaz Métropolitain.

How does it work?

When the temperature drops to a threshold of -12 ºC (or -15 ºC, depending on where you live), a thermal sensor mounted on the home’s exterior sends a signal to the heating system to stop running on electricity and instead use fuel as a power source, in this case natural gas,. A device allows the system to switch automatically from one energy source to the other.

An indicator light installed in an easy-to-see place in the house tells homeowners when they are running at the higher rate, and a dual-energy meter allows them to monitor their consumption.

Sotramont plans to install the centralized dual-energy heating systems in its Greenwich Homes in Pointe-Claire and its Zac townhouses in Bois-Franc. The systems will be equipped with an air-source heat pump that heats and cools as needed, and will be hooked up to both electricity and natural gas, a relatively clean-burning, efficient fuel, making this a winning choice for the environment.

Reference: Ecohabitations