Future homeowners of Quartier Greenwich discover the advantages of undergrounding

Today, people like to relax and entertain in the backyard.  Imagine your backyard, your street, your entire neighborhood without utility poles or overhead lines …

Branches too close to power lines, that can spell trouble. An underground system helps reduce the risk of accident.

With unobstructed views and potential for beautiful green spaces, Quartier Greenwich, with underground lines, is hard to resist. With more room for planting, you'll be able to create a backyard with greater privacy.

It's a known fact: trees add beauty and value to your property. They also have a cooling and calming effect on public streets. With an underground distribution system, there are no poles or overhead lines, so there's no need to prune or fell trees to meet standards and regulations, which is appealing to buyers looking for property with mature trees and varied vegetation. And resale value of your Quartier Greenwich home will be higher in a neighbourhood with underground systems.